10 year old Hafiz-e-Quran from Pakistan won AI Award in US

Pakistan is very famous and rich country when it comes to Talent and specially young Talent of Pakistan is popular all over the world. A 10 year boy proved this again by winning AI Award in the United States.

Mohammad Yasir, who’s age is just 10 years and he invented a device for which he won that AI Award in Santa Clara along with his family.

A device named ‘Cavity Crusher’ was invented by this family which will help children to keep their teeth clean and protect them from cavities.

The criteria of this competition was to invent a device which is helpful for the community by using artificial intelligence. Mohammad Yasir did this task brilliantly and won the award for Pakistan.

The Cavity Crusher:

Talking about his award and invention, Mohammad Yasir said that when he and his family searched about common issues, They find tooth cavity was one of major problem of teeth for kids. That’s why he and his family decided to invent this device ‘Cavity Crusher’ which can help children in protecting their teeth from cavities and make them clean.

What are your thoughts about this ‘Cavity Crusher’ device? Will this help community from cavities? Share your view with us on this.

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