12 driving tips to keep you safe on the motorway during fog

We are in the early days of December, and fog has settled in various parts of Punjab, making driving difficult. Driving in fog becomes very challenging for you. Heavy fog occurs, especially on motorways and highways, and even slight carelessness and high speed can lead to accidents. Therefore, it is essential to follow some safety measures while driving in the presence of fog. There may be thousands of vehicles where eye visibility may be reduced to zero. Reduced visibility increases the risk of a rear-end collision. In such a situation, you need to make your presence clear on the road by using hazard lights.

The Motorway (M-2), the leading travel route between Lahore and Islamabad, is shrouded in fog, forcing the Motorway Police to close it at several places where visibility has reached zero. Is. Recently around ten vehicles collided in an accident on the motorway near Lahore, a wake-up call for people traveling on the highway during these days of the year. The following steps will make your trip safer:

*Driving tips in Urdu:-

Maintenance Check:

Even if the weather forecast is perfect while traveling to a destination, fog can surprise you anywhere. In such a case, you need to be well prepared to deal with the difficulties of driving. Do basic checks of your vehicle before starting the journey to ensure vehicle fitness, such as headlights working well on low beam, battery and oil level, tire air pressure, windshield defogger, and wiper blades. See etc. Finding these objects in the fog may seem strange, but you don’t want to see your car stuck on the road amidst thousands of moving vehicles. A stationary car is much more dangerous than a car moving at full speed. So, before leaving for any long or short journey, complete the maintenance check.

Use low-beam headlights

Many people think high beams will help them see ahead in fog, but this is not the case. Compared to a high beam, the light of a low beam is directed toward the road, while water particles in the fog reflect the high beam. In Pakistan, many people are accustomed to using high beams even in normal driving conditions and do the same in fog, which further affects visibility. It would be best if you used a yellow sticker on your headlight, improving fog visibility. What’s more, if your car is equipped with fog lights, with their help, you can easily focus on the road.

Use the signs on the road as a guide:

Roads are usually marked with white and yellow boundary lines, which are very helpful in foggy travel. If you are driving in the right lane, keep an eye on the boundary line that will help you stay straight on the road. Try to stay focused and walk as straightforwardly as possible.

Avoid changing lanes:

Changing lenses in case of fog is not a good move. Whether driving on the motorway or in the city, staying in your lane is essential to avoid hitting other vehicles. Keep your driving as simple as possible and focus on the road instead of overtaking others.

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