65 year old baba ji’s love marriage with 2 young girls

This story is about 70-year-old Haji Sabar Ali, who recently married two beautiful young girls for love. The first wife’s name is Zoya and the name of the second is Saira. His first wife is his cousin and belongs to his village, whom he fell in love with and later married. At the same time, he met his second wife, Saira, in connection with work in an office. Where both exchanged mobile numbers, and then they got married after a long relationship.

Sabir Ali says that both the wife have a great love for each other and live with friends, and soon I intend to get married for the third time. The second wife has no objection to his third marriage, while the first wife says she should not have a third marriage. And now he should focus on both of us only.

Sabir Ali is a wealthy person and can easily afford all the expenses of two to three wives. Saber Ali says that if a person can afford the cost of a second and third wife, he must have more marriages.

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