Wife’s happiness more important for happy married life, research

Scientific experts have found a simple solution for happiness in married life; experts say that a ‘happy wife and happy life are closely related because the wife’s happiness is the secret of the husband’s life.

An expert analysis of the marital happiness of husband and wife published in the journal ‘Journal of Marriage and Family’ found that the vehicle of married life tracks both spouses’ happiness. To keep it, the wife needs to be happier than the husband.

Deborah Carr, a professor of sociology at Rutgers University and the University of Michigan, says that in couples who have gone a long way with happy marriages, the individual wife’s happiness was higher, meaning that the wife’s happiness for a happy marriage was higher. Happiness was more important.

Wife’s happiness more important for happy married life Urdu:-

According to the researchers, the study explains that if the wife was happy with the married life, it affected the husband too, i.e., he was also happy, but the surprising thing was that here the individual happiness of the husband had no meaning. How happy he is with this marriage bond or how satisfied he is with his life.

In her research, Deborah Carr explained that one reason for this is that a satisfied wife is willing to do anything for her husband.

Using data from 394 couples in a 2009 study of health, income, and disability, the researchers examined the health, income, and disability of couples married for 39 years, on average 60 years old or older.

To assess the quality of marital life, the researchers asked participants various questions, such as whether their spouse complimented or reciprocated them, understood their feelings, or got on their nerves.

Study participants rated their life satisfaction at a maximum of 5 out of 6, with husbands scoring slightly more positively than wives.

According to Professor Deborah Carr, couples who rated their marriage as better were more satisfied and happier in their lives.

The study also found that the wife’s happiness decreased when her husband fell ill, but the husband’s level of happiness did not change. It comes when the wife falls ill.

In his opinion, the research result is important because the quality of marital life has a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of older married couples.

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