A Muslim man from Sydney rescued a person from a burning building

Sydney: A Muslim man who lives in Sydney saved a life by jumping in a building which was burning with Fire. The brave man’s name was Ibrahim El Akkaoui.

The 39-year old Ibrahim El Akkaoui also lives in Essenza restaurant on Crown Street in Surry Hills. Last Thursday at 11am, Fire broke out in a building when a Muslim delivery man Ibrahim El Akkaoui heard the screams of a man upon which he jumped into the burned building to save an injured man.

NSW Police Superintendent Gavin Wood called this incident as suspicious and said its as a serious crime. On this damage, The NSW police said its as a mess and a big damage.


While talking on his brave life saving act, Ibrahim El Akkaoui said ‘The time he heard the screams of a man, He didn’t waste any time and jumped into the fire without having a second thought. He learned this from his religion that saving a person’s life is as you save the whole humanity’

Talking further about his bravery, The Muslim man said that his religion’s lessons inspired him and motivated him. That’s why without having a second thought, He jumped into the building and save a man and a dog’s life who was hanging with a window.

Ibrahim Elakkaoui (pictured) ran into Italian restaurant Essenza in Surry Hills to save a life.

After saving the man’s life who was stable and after that they both rescued the dog and pulled him out of the window.

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