A strange incident of robbery in Karachi

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A video on social media has grabbed everyone’s attention, in which a person is present on the road which was carrying grass on a motorcycle.

In this situation, two unknown people riding a motorcycle came near him. As soon as one of them showed a weapon, instead of being scared, he said something that surprised everyone.

Usually, when dacoits appear, even the bravest people become scared, but this citizen’s courage deserves admiration as he stood up to these two young robbers.

As soon as the citizen saw that he was about to become a target of these criminals. He immediately said something to them, making the armed person look around and then turn towards his accomplice on the bike.

CCTV captured this scene, and the criminals seemed either inexperienced, or it was their first attempt, which made both of them frightened.

Nevertheless, this video has gained a lot of attention on social media.

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