A woman was stoned to death in Sindh Chief Minister’s hometown

Sindh has become a killing ground for women. Even today, women are dying in the shadow of constant oppression. She leaves home barefoot and bareheaded, begging for life on the street, but in the savage society she does not even get begging.

A horrific incident has taken place near Qasba Sun, Jamshoro district. In which a woman named Wazir Chachhar was stoned to death.

According to details, the bodies of married women Wazirah were found on the Indus Highway in Vada Chachhar village. She has been stoned to death. According to the information received so far, the woman left the house late at night and kept asking for help from the vehicles coming on the road.

According to sources, the woman stopped a truck driver and told him to take her anywhere but from here. According to local sources, the woman did not have any children due to which her relation with her husband Ali Bakhsh Chachhar were not settled. Wazirah were also subjected to domestic violence.

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