Accident: The car driver left the person trapped in the engine sheet on the road and fled

This incident took place on the morning of 24-May-2020 around 7:35am. A white toyota corolla as we can see drifted away around the corner , and left a man lying on the road from the looks of it. Upon rushing to the aid of the man outside our house, he slowly revealed to us the savagery of the driver and the events that took place just moments before.
Mr. Naeem and his wife, Kiran, were on their way from the graveyard Miani Saab when a car (white toyota corolla) hit them from behind on canal bank road, somewhere near Madrasa Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore. His wife, Kiran died on the spot (due to serious head injury and excessive bleeding) and was found immediately, while search was initiated to find the body of her husband, Mr. Naeem who was assumed to have fallen into the canal by the rescue 1122 teams and traffic wardens there. Little did they know that, Mr. Naeem had been dragged along under the car for another kilometre or more, until coming around this corner of Shah Jamal colony, as we can see in this video.

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