Amazing Story of Dr. Laurence Brown

His name is Dr Laurence Brown. He was born into a Catholic Christian family. But after regaining consciousness, he did not remain a Christian even for a day but became an atheist. He did not believe in any God. He used to give lectures all over the world. He used to work in the best hospital in America. But this essential hospital and its facilities one day stood in front of them helpless and helpless. This was in 1990.

Since their second daughter was born abnormally, she was taken directly to the operating theatre after birth. She had a defect in one of her arteries that deprived her of oxygen. I couldn’t get blood. His whole body was blue from head to toe. The doctor says that I was a doctor and I had knowledge. What is the problem with my daughter? Her body was slowly dying because she was not getting oxygen and blood. The only treatment was to tear it and replace it by grafting the artery. At first, there was no hope of the success of this operation.

How I Came to Islam: The Amazing Story of Dr. Laurence Brown (Urdu)

Operation successful:-

There was no hope that the next time the grafting would be successful, even if the operation was successful. As a father, I could not tear her apart in her condition, so a team was formed under the leadership of a very competent doctor and I was attached to the operating room. He went to the prayer hall i.e. prayer room, there was no sign of any religion in this room, this room was made for the followers of every religion, so it was kept free from any signs related to any particular religion. So that during the operation, people here can pray according to their faith. Even their patient is transferred from the operation theater to the ward or room.

Physical dose:-

Before today, this room was nothing but a “physical dose” for Dr Lawrence Brown. But today, it became his own life. So this room had assumed a religious significance for them. Dr Lawrence says that till now, he had achieved whatever I wanted at any cost, whether it was wealth or influence. Words like “no and impossible” were not in his vocabulary. . But today, nature has left him helpless; neither scientific instruments could do anything, nor influence nor my wealth could save my daughter’s life. He started calling, the existence of which I denied until today; I was crying.

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