Sunday, October 1, 2023

Arrested Indian anchor Arnab Goswami’s decades-long video released

Indian anchor Arnab Goswami bail plea rejected, appeal for help from the public

Because of his arrogance and outspokenness, the famous Indian anchor Arnab Goswami, who did not bring anyone to mind, disrespected Modi. The opponents of his ideology have become a sign of Deterrent today. The court also rejected the bail plea on inciting suicide, on which the TV anchor sought help from the Indian public.

Talking to the media, Arnab Goswami looked upset. He said, “You are all watching. I am not allowed to talk to a lawyer. I am being mistreated. These people want to put me in jail. I am being mistreated. I am not being listened to. People.” I appeal to the Supreme Court to expel my jail order, and my life is in danger. Arnab Goswami has alleged that he has been beaten and abused.

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