Asad and Nimra Leaked Video and Photos Viral over Social Media

Asad and Nimra Leaked Video and Photos Viral over Social Media

Following the video scandal of Rabi Pirzada and Alizeh Shah, Another video scandal of Famous young couple Asad Pervaiz and Nimra Asad has been circulating throughout social media. After the leaked of alleged private video of the famous couple ‘Assad and Nimrah’, Social Media users sharing this video in huge frequency.

According to some certified reports, the Asad and Nimra video leak scandal is circulating on social media and Twitter Accounts . The leaked video shows the young couple in private (very close) moments.


It looks like the couple recorded their intimate moments for a joke in the video camera, and later, the video was leaked to social media by any of them.

We cannot post the full leaked video on our website because it is a violation of the law. However, the leaked video of Asad and Nimra has been shared by dozens of people on social media and WhatsApp groups.

Many people are claiming on social media that they have already seen leaked videos and Photos of famous teen couple Asad and Nimra Asad.

About a month ago, a private photo of Assad Pervez and Nimra Assad appeared on social media depicting the couple in a romantic way. People on social media were curious to see this image. See the picture below.

Viral screenshot taken from Assad and Smash leaked video. People were surprised to see the leaked screenshot and they responded with comments.

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