Babar Azam leaked video reality

Often we get to see leaked videos and pictures of celebrities from showbiz on social media. But this time from the sports field, the leaked video and photos of national cricket team captain Babar Azam have come out. In addition, a large number of shares are coming from WhatsApp. Cricket fans are shocked and concerned about these leaks.

There seems to be a new controversial issue surrounding our national cricket captain Babar Azam, who has been facing a lot of criticism due to his captaincy following the team’s loss to England and New Zealand. Babar has uploaded an unidentified video on social media where he is allegedly video chatting with his girlfriend. In the video, Babar Azam is lying tiredly on his bed, while in another picture, Babar is kissing his girlfriend.

Apparently from Pakistan, eish.arajpoot.1 posted the same videos and followed Babar Azam on Instagram.

Reality of these leaked data :-

No statement has come out regarding the leaked video, photos and audio of Babar Azam, nor has he denied it; PCB is also keeping silent on this matter. Although these pictures and videos appear authentic, there is no way to verify their accuracy. Only the relevant institutions are able to assess the legitimacy. Since it is impossible to identify the accounts.
However, some people on social media believe that sports journalist Shoaib Jatt is behind all this action. After this, he also gave his explanatory statement on Twitter, denying all allegations.
He further said that I have differences with Babar Azam regarding his captaincy, but I have nothing to do with his videos and audio.

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