Babar Azam responded fittingly to Shoaib Jatt’s

Babar Azam, the captain of the Pakistani cricket team, addressed reporters in a press conference after the fifth match against New Zealand. During the Q&A session, journalist Shoaib Jutt, known to be critical of Babar, asked a question on behalf of Imam-ul-Haq, his fellow teammate.

You’re right, my apologies. Imam expressed his disappointment in a tweet because he was not included in the fifth ODI, and the question was related to that tweet. Shoaib Jutt asked if Imam was angry with Babar.

Babar responded to the question with a smile, stating that he had not yet seen the tweet and could not give his opinion until he saw it himself. He then talked about the team’s unity, saying there was no resentment within the group. He explained that if anything happens within the team’s family, they keep it to themselves, and their trust in each other is fantastic.

When asked about the national team losing its number one ranking in ODIs, Babar said they regained the top spot after the last match. Babar Azam acknowledged that they made mistakes and needed to work hard to correct them and bring the number one position back to the team. Babar pointed out that there were issues with the batting in the last match, and they could have played better. He assured reporters that they would learn from their mistakes and perform better in the upcoming matches.

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