CCTV footage of rape after abduction of 3-year-old girl in Mansehra

In another shocking incident of rape in Pakistan, a three-year-old girl was abducted and raped in Mansehra District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, on Monday (September 22-20).

According to credible sources, a girl playing in front of her house in Bakhwal area of Mansehra was abducted and raped by a man. According to media reports, the accused took the girl to the field under some pretext, raped her and after raping the minor girl, the accused threw her in the street and fled.

When the girl’s family began searching for 3-year-old Maryam, she was soon found injured on the road. Her family rushed three-year-old Maryam to the hospital, where doctors confirmed after various laboratory tests that she had been abused.

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