Description of chicken – meat. Benefits and harms to human health

Eating chicken is shared across all cultures, hence such contrasting recipes as raw chicken torshi (from Japan) and Viennese waffles with chicken (from the US).

An essential advantage of chicken is its ease of preparation. Meat becomes spicy quickly. A typical recipe takes a few minutes to cook. You can buy a lot for the holidays and fill it with fruits – this delicious dish will undoubtedly become a table decoration.

Chicken fillet is often added to salads: it makes the dish more nutritious and has almost no effect on its calorie content. The undoubted advantage of the flat is the absence of fatty layers.

Transparencies, first developed in France several centuries ago, gained nationwide popularity. There were soups, sauces, and stews recipes along with the broth base. To prepare the dish, either a whole chicken carcass or leg wings are needed, which provide richness. You will not be able to boil a real broth from a chicken breast – the dish will turn out to be almost tasteless.

Broth contains many amino acids and minerals; it strengthens the immune system, improves digestion and bone tissue, and maintains healthy hair. This healthy dish also tastes good, which is why it is included on the menus of the best restaurants worldwide.

There are recipes in which the main ingredient is chicken leaves, legs or wings, heart, stomach, and liver. On the chicken heart and liver score, there are dozens of recipes for chicken ventricles with stewed cabbage and saffron.


Chicken is one of the oldest domesticated birds. You can still see birds in India, where they were bred thousands of years ago. Chickens are bred everywhere in the Old World: from Japan to Scandinavia. Although it was considered expensive to keep poultry or cattle for slaughter in the Middle Ages, even farmers tried to get a hen to get fresh eggs. The chicken itself remained a dish that only the wealthy could afford.

In Russia, chickens have been bred since ancient times. According to the legends of the ancient Slavs, to defeat enemies in battle, it was necessary to sacrifice to a rooster, the supreme god, and guardian of the squad, a rooster.

During the Christian era, some traditions were associated with this bird. The chicken was a must-have for weddings. The newlyweds were decorated with a dough idol in the shape of a chicken’s head on a particular pie with baked eggs – Kurnik. The cake symbolizes the ability to produce new children.

The birthplace of many chicken recipes is the United States. Some remain a specialty of the local cuisine. For example, chicken with chicken, a Southern dish: fried chicken breast topped with maple syrup and placed on Belgian waffles. Other dishes have gained international fame. For example, one type of saffron salad is garnished with fried chicken pieces. The original Mexican recipe, invented by Cesar Cardini, contained only vegetables and herbs.

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