China’s Biggest Electric Automobile Manufacturer is coming to Pakistan

Rahmat Group of companies has signed well being agreement with a well known Chinese electrical vehicle company, BYD, for the assemble of Cars in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s automotive sector has once more reached a milestone, and now it’s for electrical vehicles. once witnessing the growing quality of electrical vehicles around the globe, a bunch of investors in Pakistan are intense to bring the technology to the country. during this regard, Rahmat Group take a big step and has entered into having agreement with BYD (China’s electric car manufacturing company) and to some extent the assembly of electrical vehicles within the country.


The combined project between the two largest corporations is an immense innovation in Pakistan’s automobile sector. The Chinese automobile manufacturer will assemble all automobile Products like Cars, Vans etc. As well as electric products like batteries, chargers and much more. The company write letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and shared the benefits of EVs through letter., according to the Chief Executive Officer of Rahmat Group Shaukat Qureshi.


This contract having a huge benefit in our economical and daily life also. Electric Vehicles having zero cost on its maintenance and don’t need a fuel. This will save estimated 300,000 to 50,000 every month approximately. EVs will reduce global warming and air pollution, a growing factor in Pakistan now a day.

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    Its Really a Good News for Pakistani’s.


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