Cristiano Ronaldo again hit a Hat-trick in Champion League

Cristiano Ronaldo once again highlighted his worth in Europe’s elite competition as his hat-trick upturned a 2-0 first-leg deficit v Atletico Madrid to send Juventus into the Champions League last 8. Cristiano Ronaldo ice-cold Hattrick Penalty Goal to turn the debit over Atletico Madrid.

CR7 firstly, Cristiano secondly, Cristiano thirdly, Cristiano Ronaldo forever and ever. 25 goal and 4 hat trick against Atletico Madrid. 8 hat trick in UEFA Champions League. What else could we ask from this legend??

At 34, CR7 scored his 122, 123 & 124th goals in the UCL.

Atlético has been knocked out of every Champions League knockout stage they have been in since 2013/14 by a team containing Cristiano Ronaldo.

No player has ever scored a hattrick against Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid But Cristiano Ronaldo has done it 4 times! Just Cristiano things

Cristiano words after the win:


“Juventus had never been able to compete for such a comeback in the Champions League. This is why Juventus brought me in, to help on magic nights like this. Atletico is a really tough team to face, but we are strong too & proved we deserved to go through.”

Atlético defender Diego Godín words after the match:

“We weren’t able to find ways to attack them. They were able to score and we couldn’t score the goal that we needed to qualify. We will continue giving it our all until the end of the season.”

Now, See the screen grabs below that shows Ronaldo Mrs in tears as she witnessed her man produce some very special in this big champions league.

2-0 down from the first leg against Atletico, Ronaldo’s hat trick fired Juventus through to the quarterfinals tonight – giving the Portugal international the chance of a fourth final win in a row

Ronaldo was instrumental to Real Madrid’s dominance in this competition and in his time there, an nd it looks like Rodriguez knows he wrote himself into the champions league history books again.


Revenue generated by UCL teams for the year 2017-18 in millions are as follows:

2017-18 (€ million)

  1. Real Madrid: 750
  2. Barcelona: 690
  3. Man United: 666
  4. Bayern: 629
  5. Man City: 568
  6. PSG: 541
  7. Liverpool: 513
  8. Chelsea: 505
  9. Arsenal: 439
  10. Tottenham: 428
  11. Juve: 394
  12. Dortmund: 317
  13. Atletico: 304
  14. Inter: 280

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