Did You Know What Is Inside The Crescent of Makkah Clock Tower ?

The Mecca Clock Tower is located in front of the Kaaba. It was inaugurated in 2013 and is currently the third-tallest building in the world.It is 607 meters high and has a golden crescent on top, which we think is normal, but actually, it is the most expensive thing in it.

What’s inside in this tower ?

At the surface of the great crescent is a very special room. This special open room is located at the top of the tower and is dedicated only to prayer. And this room is the highest place of worship in the world.

How someone to reach secret room in Makkah Clock Tower ?

It was built to pray to God and can be reached by a high-speed elevator, and after exiting the elevator one has to walk 18 meters. Another alternative in this world is the chair lift. A common person cannot visit it due to extreme altitude.

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