Divorce affects children in what ways?

The problems between Majid and his Begum had been going on for a long time; it started with verbal quarrels and then gradually reached physical quarrels; the children were all watching and absorbing the effects of this bitter atmosphere in their mood.

And then, one day, it came to the point that Majid divorced his wife and the children’s world collapsed. However, after their mother’s second marriage, the sons and daughters also preferred to stay with their father, but due to separation. Severe mental and emotional breakdowns during the entire process made the personalities of all four children abnormal.

In recent years, there has been an increase in domestic disputes in many countries, including Pakistan, which escalate into issues such as divorce and separation.

According to a recent media report, 14,943 family disputes, divorce, separation and other domestic problems were reported from 2019 to mid-2020.

By looking at the registered data of this one report, one can estimate the problems of domestic infertility and the end of married life in the country.

The important thing in this situation is to know the effects of family breakdown on children, especially young and adolescent children.

We will try to find the answer to the same question in this article, how parents’ divorce affects children.

How does divorce affect children?

A major change like divorce affects children of all ages, from infants to teenagers and young children; naturally, every child has a different personality and needs. Reactions may vary, but general effects depending on age may include the following.

Children drinking milk:- They may develop problems like irritability, excessive crying, disturbed sleep, and change in environment and schedule after living with parents affects them mentally and physically.

Toddlers or toddlers:-  Children this age cannot grasp these difficult concepts, so parental separation can lead to depression, isolation and violent behaviour such as biting and hitting.

School-going children:- This age group often feels that their parents’ separation is their fault; they may even fear that the parent they are living with will also separate from them. This thought can cause them constant sadness or anxiety.

Growing children:- These children blame themselves for their parent’s divorce and, as a result, become disconnected from both parents or exhibit violent behaviour outside of school and home.

How to reduce the impact on children as parents?

As a parent, you must help children understand the effects of divorce and adjust their lives accordingly.

Reassure children of all ages that their parents love them regardless of what caused the divorce.

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