Doctors separated Two joint skull Twins after successful operation in London

We every now and then see miracles of nature and its not a new thing to experience. That’s exactly what has happened again with Two little Twin sisters from Pakistan. Both Twins were having joint skulls and blood vessels when they born.

Safa and Marwa are the names of the girls who were having their skulls and blood vessels fused together. Now doctors have successfully separated them after 3 major operations at a London Hospital.

Little girls are from Charsadda, Pakistan. The procedure of separation took place at Great Ormond Street and doctors called it as a ‘long and complex journey’

Other then the major complexity, There were several other small procedures as well took place in this successful journey with over 50 Hours and more than 100 staff members needed in the operation.

Sadly the Twins lost their father and were discharged on 1st July after which they moved to a London address location with their Mother and Grandfather, 57 years old Mohammad Sadat.

The Two little angels are now getting daily physiotherapy as part of their rehabilitation process.

Their mother, 34 year old Zainab Bibi in her statement thanked all the Hospital staff and doctors for everything they have done in this great cause. She further said that she is eagerly waiting for her daughters exciting future.

The operation of Safa and Marwa started in October last year when they were 19 months old and they were finally separated in February this year.

Doctors and Experts used virtual reality to create an exact replica of girls anatomy to know the complex structure of their skulls as well as how their blood vessels are brains are positioned. They also used 3D printing to create plastic model of the structures. Firstly doctors separated their blood vessels and placed a plastic piece into their heads to keep the brain and blood vessels apart.

Great Ormond Street Hospital previously also successfully separated craniopagus twins back in 2006 and 2011.

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