First time in Pakistan’s History, A Ministry’s Expense dropped to ZERO

Imran Khan and his party members promised heavily to the public of Pakistan before general elections 2018 and since taking up the challenges of Federal Government, PTI is unable to satisfy the public in many areas but here comes a good news for all Pakistani people and specially PTI supporters.

Imran Khan strictly ordered his ministers to reduce their and ministry’s expenses. Ministry of Communication did exactly what PM asked them and reduced their spending massively.

For the first time in Pakistan’s History, A Ministry of Communications dropped down its expenses to Zero. Federal Government issued a recent report about Ministry of Communication in which they claim that Murad Saeed performed extremely well in his ministry and reduced his expenses heavily.

Report also says that the ministry’s profit is extended to record 51 percent in recent 11 months. As compare to previous governments where expenses were in Millions, This time the ministry’s expense dropped down to Zero. The report added.

Murad Saeed is a blunt PTI politician who is an important member of PTI’s cabinet. This is a massive news for the supporters of PTI that a young minister working hard and putting up an example for other ministers.


On the other hand, Opposition is calling it as a fake report because in their first year in government, Imran Khan and his ministers took U-turn on many occasions regarding their statements.

People on social media also giving their mixed opinions about this report. Some are appreciating this and some are giving their opposite views.

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