Saturday, September 23, 2023

Former Federal Minister Iftikhar Gilani marries a 21-year-old girl

Former Federal Minister Syed Iftikhar Gilani has married a girl 59 years his junior. The groom Iftikhar Gilani is 80 years old while the bride is said to be 21 years old.

Photos of the former federal minister’s wedding went viral on social media. Social media users reacted mixedly. Some social media users congratulated Iftikhar Gilani on his marriage, while most social media users expressed displeasure and satirized Iftikhar Gilani.

Former minister Iftikhar Gilani is already married and has two daughters and a son, while photos of his second marriage have circulated on social media for the past two days. The former minister did not say when he got married.

Former Federal Minister Iftikhar Gilani was born in Kohat on July 18, 1940. He was also elected MNA from Kohat on a PPP ticket and became law minister in Benazir Bhutto’s first government.

He joined the PTI after the 2011 PTI meeting but left the party a year later and joined the PML-N in 2012. Iftikhar Gilani’s lawyers were also active in politics.

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