Good Teacher Can Change A Child’s Life Forever’

A good teacher treats his students with patience and compassion.
In my opinion, the most important quality a teacher should have is patience and compassion. You must have read countless stories of such children. Who reached the height of greatness despite poverty and suffering. If all these stories are explored deeply, somewhere, we will find a teacher with a compassionate heart hidden.

Who himself remained in the background but became an ideal figure for the world. I have seen many people say that becoming a primary school teacher is very easy.

No sir! Not at all.

A Good Teacher Can Change A Child’s Life Forever (Urdu)

Being a primary teacher is probably one of the hardest jobs in the world. A huge responsibility of building the basic thinking of children falls on these primary teachers. To build a raw mind, a lot of patience and forbearance as well as a loving motherly attitude is necessary.

A good teacher is a good listener.

The essential quality of a good teacher is ‘patient listening.’

Yes! You read that right.

 A good teacher is a good listener who can listen to both the words the students say and the words they don’t say. Many students go home quietly without saying a comment to the teacher. Many children are eager and excited to speak, talk, and learn thousands of words.

A teacher must have the courage to listen to both types of children. Don’t make the congregation a prison. Let your students speak and listen to them, understand them better. Build confidence. Rest assured, doing so makes teaching and learning easier.

A good teacher has mutual integrity with his students.

We all have seen many teachers who are commanding on their subject. But still, students find it very difficult to learn from them because of their personalities and attitude. You can’t be a teacher.

I believe that a good teacher familiarizes students with themselves before teaching. It creates a loving environment where children relax mentally and physically with the teacher. They can share their problems with you.

  A good teacher is accessible to his students at all times. I’m not asking you to be best friends with the students. But if your students feel less loved and more afraid of you, then sorry, you are not a good teacher.

A good teacher believes in humanity.

The excellent quality of a good teacher is your sense of humanity. This should be a key attribute for every teacher.

A good teacher must also have the ability to see the students as mature citizens of the future.

    Today’s students will form a complete family tomorrow, and that family will play an essential role in society. Therefore, the teacher should have an inner parallel eye that can see the present and future so that community can reach the highest values of humanity.

I have met hundreds of students who could not spell a single word correctly. All I heard from them about their former school or teachers was that school was boring. Academic work was exhausting, and teachers were strict.

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