Hareem Shah slapped Mufti Abdul Qavi

A video has gone viral on social media in which Mufti Abdul Qawi can be seen sitting in a hotel room in Karachi. Suddenly Hareem Shah enters the room and slaps Mufti Abdul Qawi and runs away. Mufti Abdul Qawi is shocked after being beaten by the woman.

Reacting to this, Mufti Abdul Qawi said that he did not know why Hareem Shah slapped him. Tik Tok star Hareem Shah came to my room with a friend and hit me and ran away. Mufti Abdul Qawi said that he recognized the woman who slapped him but did not remember the girl who came with her. Mufti Abdul Qawi told that a girl named Ayesha beat him in the presence of Hareem Shah.

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