Hassan Niazi has a relationship with Uzma’s sister -Amna Usman Malik

Hassan Niazi has a relationship with Uzma’s sister, she has asked us for a heavy price. Amna Usman Malik

The stand of Amna Usman, the woman who tortured actress Uzma Khan, came to light.

According to the details, videos of violence against actress Uzma Khan have been going viral on social media since yesterday, in which Uzma Khan can be clearly seen being tortured by women, which has gone viral on social media. A video message has been shared by Amna Usman, the woman who tortured actress Uzma Khan, telling the truth of the videos, in which she revealed the whole truth of the incident.

Amna Usman in her video message said that I would first like to make it clear here that Usman Malik who is my husband has nothing to do with Malik Riaz, it is only a conspiracy to defame Malik Riaz’s image.

Referring to Barrister Hassan Niazi, Amna Usman said that Hassan Niazi was only trying to defame Malik Riaz in this case to extort money from him. We were also contacted by Hassan Niazi. If you guys pay the girls, I will fix the whole thing, but we refused to pay because we are right.

In her video message, she added that the rumors on social media that I had broken into someone’s house were completely wrong.

The house items which I broke is not Uzma Khan’s house but my husband’s other house where I have the right to go.
“I repeatedly warned this girl to leave my husband behind to save my 13-year-old married life, but she disobeyed me and kept meeting my husband over and over again.

Amna Usman in her video message made a surprising revelation that when I reached there chasing this girl, she told me that I have got up from Itikaf, I want to ask her which Itikaf it is. In which she met my husband at night for three consecutive days, of which I have evidence.

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