Healing is in attitudes, not in medicine

The tone was shallow initially but became slightly louder after a few moments. Perhaps the one who was the addressee of the conversation was unable to understand, or his state of mind could not understand it yet. But the surprising aspect was that despite the high tone, there was a gentleness to it. The style of the talk was loud but not harsh.

Sometimes a phrase is played in a low voice, sometimes in a slightly loud voice. Feeling the fluctuations of the voice, it was impossible to deny that the person who gives a new angle to the tone, in any case, wants to establish his words not only in the heart and mind of the listener but also to explain this to him. Kindness is more important than function. The combination of low and loud sounds had a surprising effect. The listener, sitting with a worried face and a heavy heart with moisture in his eyes, could now clearly see a smile on his face.

“Is this figure setting different levels of conversation a motivational speaker?” asked, but the answer was negative. “Then surely she is a counseling expert?” asked again, but this time the answer was no. And before my third question, the doctor treating me said she was our senior doctor and was entertaining a mentally disturbed patient. And may they be successful in their endeavors.

It was the scene of a massive hospital in the Twin Cities. Raqim al-Haruf was also visited this hospital for his treatment. In my check-up, I heard the patient and doctor talking from a distance, which led me to believe that the doctor’s behavior reduces half the disease. It took a long time for senior doctors to begin treating patients as patients rather than customers. The happy moment was when the doctor tried correcting the patient’s mental condition or problem with her soft words and sweet tone. The listener must have been influenced, but Rakim’s worries about her treatment. Subdued considerably and remained entirely at ease during the next forty-five minutes of clinical highs and lows. There was no attention to the pain or the agony of the treatment; the focus was all on the physician who was not only treating his patient but also fulfilling the additional moral duty of counseling.

In Pakistan, education and health are two sectors that, despite being related to services, have attained business status. Education was the state’s responsibility, but now it has become the business of private schools. Providing health was also the state’s responsibility, but now it has become a business that is developing day by day. It’s unfortunate that despite spending money, people haven’t been able to recover from such an incident. The main reason for this is the attitude of the doctors toward the patients. Physicians not only stare at patients for their questions, but if you have received treatment from another place, you may have to listen to them pointlessly.

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