Hina Altaf’s comments about Muneeb Butt made Aiman Khan angry

We always try to give our viewers and readers an inside News regarding their favorite personalities. Either they are celebs or cricketers. Today we are again sharing with you an interesting gossip about famous Pakistani actresses Aiman Khan and Hina Altaf.

Both Aiman and Hina are popular Pakistani actresses and recent controversy between the 2 celebs gave them spotlight in the News. Recently Hina Altaf gave some inappropriate comments about Aiman Khan’s Husband Muneeb Butt, who is also a fine actor.

Hina Altaf was in a show named ‘To be Honest’ which is hosted by Tabish Hashmi in which she was asked a question by Tabish about a person who is not a very good actor but he attitudes like a Superstar. On which Hina Altaf named Muneeb Butt. On these comments, Aiman Khan got angry with her.

After these controversial comments, Hina Altaf also commented on Aiman and Minal’s message about Jahez just after Aiman’s marriage after which both sisters posted their answer via Facebook statuses and said Hina Altaf as ‘uneducated’ because they made fun of their co-stars in such a bad manner.

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt are famous actors who recently got married. Both are very active on social media and their couple is becoming popular in such a short time.

Muneeb and Aiman performed in many famous TV dramas and their acting skills are Amazing. Aiman’s current serial on ARY Digital is also catching audience’s eyeballs.

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