How did Ishaq Dar treat Pakistani journalists when asked tough questions?

How did Ishaq Dar treat journalists when asked tough questions in Pakistan, and how did he keep them out of the room? Video in public

Ishaq Dar’s interview given to the BBC is getting a lot of comments on social media. Well known and senior analysts of the country are not far behind. They are taking classes by sharing clips of Ishaq Dar’s interview. Social media user Maleeha Hashmi shared a video of an old media briefing of Ishaq Dar. Ishaq Dar is angry at the reporter and saying, this is not the way, man, listen to me; I am giving a briefing, or you are giving? How else can I talk? Get him out.

On this occasion, Ishaq Dar was so angry that he even called the journalist rude

Sharing a video of Ishaq Dar showing anger to Pakistani journalists, Maleeha Hashmi wrote that those who pushed out journalists in Pakistan for asking questions when they sat in front of an impartial journalist for the first time today so cried.

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