How did the young couple of Pakistan get married?

Early marriage is not a bad thing. There is a command to get married at a young age. A couple like this is going viral on social media.
In this article on our website, we are telling you the interesting story of a young couple that has caught people’s attention.

The wedding of the viral bride and groom started with the exchange of biscuits. Our parents settled this matter within 15 days

The young couple is from Lahore. They liked each other and got married. They described the whole incident in an interview with a web channel.

The groom stated that they met through his sister, who was studying at an academy where the bride also used to study. “I went to drop my sister at the academy and saw her there. She is a good friend of my sister,” he said.

The groom (bridegroom) said he used to give his sister cocoa biscuits, but he also gave some to Hafza (presumably the bride). This habit of mine pleased her. The boy (presumably the groom’s friend) told me that Hafza called me again and said you had sent me cocoa biscuits; I liked them.

The groom also told me that Hafza had previously mentioned to me about marriage, which I had supported. Hafza told me that I had informed my mother about it, after which the matter progressed. At first, I was afraid that my mother might get angry, but when I calmly told her about the matter, she tried to make an effort for this relationship.

Also, he wanted to tell his family not to make assumptions about the groom and his wife’s behavior at 18. But he did not listen to anyone and got married. The boy said my father is a writer and agreed with me.

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