Saturday, September 23, 2023

How TIKTOK Helped Solving a 22 Year Old Case of Sarah Turney

Sarah Turney’s story has been making news for almost two decades. Her sister, Alissa, went missing in 2001, and her father, Michael Turney, was the main suspect. However, the authorities did not bring charges against him, and the case was dismissed.

Years later, Sarah became an advocate for her sister’s cause by launching a podcast called “Voices for Justice.” The podcast quickly grew in popularity and helped shed new light on the case. Fresh evidence and public pressure led to reopening of the case in 2020.

Sarah is still fighting for justice for her sister. She is determined to find out what happened to Alissa and to bring her father to justice. Her story is a reminder that even after years have passed, families of missing persons never give up hope.

Sarah Turney’s 22-year-old story underlines the significance of never giving up on pursuing justice. Thanks to social media and public support, Sarah is making progress in uncovering the truth about her sister’s abduction.

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