IBA Karachi: Students dancing in bad clothes, also promoting ‘gay dance party’

A video of the students dancing and performing immoral acts during a function at the Institute of Business Administration’s (IBA) Karachi campus came to light.

An investigation has been launched after a video of the spectacle at the IBA surfaced. The agency’s disciplinary committee will report on the matter in a week.

After the videos surfaced, teachers and alumni expressed concern that such gatherings were shameful and contrary to social values.


According to the details, the IBA’s disciplinary committee took notice of some students at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi for organizing dance parties and committing immoral acts and homosexual acts. The investigation has begun.

The investigation will be completed in a week, in the light of which strict action will be taken against those responsible. It is reported that an objectionable video of this program came to light in which a certain number of students participated in a party at IBA’s Karachi campus in semi-nude clothes.

The said students performed immoral acts and danced. Many emails were sent to the administration by IBA teachers and Al-Manai. They strongly condemned the gathering and demanded strict action on the matter. While on social media itself, IBA Al-Manai and others have charged the incident and termed it shameful and against the country’s social values.

On the issue, Abdul Jabbar Nasir said that if the video belongs to the IBA, then the IBA should clarify its position.

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