In a love affair, the wife along with her lover killed the father of fifteen children.

Another horrific murder in the world of crime, according to details, this tragic incident took place in Kot Lakhpat. Forty-eight-year-old Parveen Bibi, who works in people’s homes, her husband Anwar, 52, was the father of 15 children. Anwar had two marriages. Anwar had a second marriage with Parveen Bibi, Ten children were from Parveen and five children were from the first marriage.

Police caught Parveen Bibi’s lover and took him to the police station. When questioned, the man said that Parveen Bibi and he killed Anwar to get Anwar out of the way. Parveen had told Anwar Leave it far away so that we can live our lives easily. Parveen’s lover added that Anwar was a watchman where he worked as a laborer. When Anwar arrived to do labor, I struck him on the head with a rod and dug a pit and buried him there.

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