Infection Causing Stomach Ulcer Needs Early Diagnosis

An ulcer is a wound in an organ of the body, and in the case of a wound in the stomach, it is called an ulcer, which is often on the back wall of the stomach but can also be injured on the front surface. It increases with age, but are you aware of its symptoms?

This pain should not be ignored in the stomach or abdomen, especially if the following symptoms appear.

Pain in the upper abdomen:-

One of the most common symptoms of an ulcer is a pain in the upper abdomen. According to a study by the University of Chicago, ulcers can occur anywhere in the upper esophagus. Still, most people think they happen in the small intestine or stomach, where Pain is felt, usually between the breastbone and the navel, and there is also a burning, itching, or dull feeling. This condition starts with mild and tolerable Pain but becomes severe as the ulcer progresses.

Infection Causing Stomach Ulcer Needs Early Diagnosis ( Urdu )


Another prominent symptom of ulcers is nausea; according to medical experts, ulcers cause changes in the chemistry of the fluid in the digestive tract, resulting in nausea, especially in the morning. Digestion of food is often tricky when an ulcer is present.


If the ulcer starts to grow, over time, the feeling of nausea will turn into vomiting, which will often occur, which is not a good experience. Still, medical experts say to avoid medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen. It should be because their use increases the risk of worsening the ulcer’s condition.

Bleeding in vomit or stool

Bleeding in the bathroom stool can be caused by various medical problems, but if it is accompanied by pain in the upper part of the abdomen, it can be a sign of an ulcer.

Frequent heartburn after eating

An ulcer may be to blame if you often have heartburn regardless of what you eat. Most ulcer patients complain of severe pain in the chest, which causes hiccups after eating.

Loss of appetite

Most ulcer patients have a decreased appetite, resulting in reduced food intake, increased vomiting, and unexpected weight loss.

A strange feeling of hunger

Although the desire to eat is lost due to an ulcer, the pain between the navel and chest for one to 3 hours after eating is often mistaken for hunger the It could be a sign.


If you feel that your stomach is bloated, it may be more severe than gas but a sign of an ulcer. It is usually one of the early symptoms of an ulcer, especially in people with pain in the middle of the stomach.

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