Monday, October 2, 2023

ISLAMABAD: PTI MP Abida Raja’s husband tortured a judge

In the red zone of Islamabad, the drivers of two vehicles with number plates KA 004 and AOB992 had a heated argument over the issue of crossing. According to the incident, the vehicle with AOB992 number plate was being driven by Additional Sessions Judge Jangir and the vehicle was being driven by Chaudhry Khurram, husband of PTI Punjab Assembly member Abida Raja.

When the vehicles of Additional Sessions Judge and PTI MPA Abida Raja’s husband Chaudhry Khurram approached the petrol pump in front of the Foreign Office building, Chaudhry Khurram slapped the Additional Sessions Judge and the Additional Sessions Judge got out of his car. He pulled out a pistol and opened fire, but no one was killed.

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