Saturday, September 23, 2023

“Kholu Kapde” angry Indian girl abusing police and army personnel

The “Kholu Kapde” trend video is going viral on social media. In the video, an angry Indian girl from Pune points to Swati Mishra, who asks soldiers and police officers about “Kholu Kapde”, which means “Should I take off my clothes?” Watch the video below.

The angry girl was abusing Indian soldiers and policemen while shouting in the curse “Kholu Kapde” Tm army walay randi ky bachy tum police walay madarchod. Without translating these type of words, I move on to the details behind this incident.

According to details, a day before the video of this viral “Kholu Kapde”, the girl, who is from Pune, India and allegedly lives in Punjab, had an accident with an Indian Army vehicle.

The soldiers came down and started abusing the girl. Meanwhile, citizens gathered and started making videos of the girl, which angered her. She started insulting the Indian Army and police personnel with words like “Army Madarchod” and “Police Ghasti”. Some citizens made a video of the scene of the accident but it did not go viral on social media. Here is the video of the accident and its aftermath.

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