Sunday, October 1, 2023

Lahore: Drop scene of student’s death and leaving the body in the hospital

According to media reports, a student’s body has been resolved in a private teaching hospital in Lahore. The arrested accused Osama, who escaped from the hospital after leaving the girl’s body, has recorded his statement to the police.

Among the suspects arrested with CCTV footage, Osama said in his statement that Maryam had an affair with him. Maryam’s condition worsened during the abortion, and she was rushed to a hospital, where she died.

The accused further said that after the girl’s death, he was terrified, due to which he left the body of the girl in the hospital and fled from there. However, the police said that Further facts of the case would come to light after the girl’s post-mortem report.

It may be recalled that two youths had brought the girl to the emergency room of a private teaching hospital in Lahore the previous day. She had died before reaching the hospital. Later, the two youths fled, leaving the girl’s body in the hospital. Were done

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