Love relationship beneficial for mental and physical health, research

When a person falls in love with someone, there is necessarily a change. We can call this change a positive change when we fall in love with someone. We think of ourselves accordingly.

We begin to adapt to the likes and dislikes of the one we love and avoid doing what we don’t like. We can say that when we truly love, we submit ourselves to Him. In reality, this is not slavery; it is just the name of destroying one’s ego.

In every walk of life, we are taught that ego-driven relationships are rarely successful. Therefore, if you fall in love with someone, it changes you, and your mind also benefits.

Love relationship beneficial for mental and physical health, research in Urdu:-

We know how we get the health benefits of falling in love with someone:-

A change in the mind

When we feel a change in our mind when we love someone, we feel happy. Such chemicals are produced in our brain

Because of this, we feel happy. You also feel sad when the ones you love are not around.

Over time, feelings develop that add to our emotions. And meanwhile, you want to be together. Happy moments are suitable for your brain.

Effects on the brain

Marriage and adoption affect your mind after falling in love. When intercourse begins, your brain releases dopamine and Neurofibril. These two neurotransmitters are responsible for your happiness and excitement.


It is there in your mind that you long for the company of the person you are in love with. You think about the one you love because of him. You wait to see your love. There is a state in mind like when one is addicted to something.

We can call it an addiction.


It increases your heart rate. Because of it, you stay up all night and think about the one you love. It engages you with your partner. Serotonin levels may drop after falling in love. Low levels are typical in obsessive people.

This may explain why you feel obsessed with your partner or can’t stop thinking about them.

Benefits on overall health

Falling in love with someone also affects your overall health. You see the benefits on your health.

Immune system

Love strengthens our immune system. A 2019 study found that being in love positively affects your immune system. This means that people in love may have higher defenses to fight infection.

Reduces pain

In a small 2010 study, we found that you can get rid of pain during the stages of a romantic relationship. Our brain releases a function that makes us feel less pain.

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