Love Yourself First and Everything Else Falls into the Line

Hey there girls!

Looking for some helpful beauty tips? Looking for some fun loving yet game changer tricks? You got to the right place then!

Well, as this is our 1st Blog and our 1st Interaction too, let’s start from the very start.

We basically need to know how we define beauty? Some say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, well that’s true too. Beauty, in my eyes, is the other name of being confident (well, obviously no one likes an overconfident person. So be sure to be confident) and loving your own self.

Loving your own self is the key to a happy life as well as its your major beauty hack. Allah has created every other person beautiful and unique in their own way. The next essential step to stay beautiful is to wear a smile. A smile costs nothing, but it can bring you millions

Now coming to the point. How we can enhance our beauty and take care of our delicate skin. Well the very 1st Step to know is your skin type. Applying thousands of products that are not meant for your skin is not only wastage of time and money, but also it can bring so much harm to your skin.

In our next blog we will be discussing the major type of skins so that you can have a better understanding of your skin type and it would be easy for you to use products accordingly.

See you soon! Till then stay confident, stay beautiful.

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