Marital bond between two partners

No other relationship can compare to the sweetness of love, affection, and intimacy felt in a marriage. As a matter of fact, this relationship that flourishes between men and women is fragile and unstable, because the more one thinks he is strong, the more uncertain he is. Has been important. A woman can make a house peaceful if she wants and make it like hell.

Nature has a blessed woman with many virtues, which is why she is capable of keeping the family together by taking great pains. Despite being a delicate gender, it embodies love, self-respect, patience, sacrifice, and above all, selfless love and compassion. Being the possessor of these qualities, it is in his nature to adapt himself to every color and form in a few days with strangers in an unfamiliar environment with his mother-in-law. She fulfills all duties and responsibilities well till death and transforms brick and stone houses into beautiful golden colors. It is characteristic of women. A person with the same characteristics who is the owner of many talents has been a guest of Urdu News on the air today.

Spousal relationship in Urdu:-

My full name is Ghousia Tasneem which changed to Ghousia Jasim after marriage. I belong to Aros Al-Bilad Karachi. She got her primary education in Karachi. After completing enrollment, inter, and then B.Sc., she got married. Zamana was intelligent when she was a student and had a sinful nature. Some liked to be prominent. That’s why I was made the head girl in school. Considering my intelligence, I was often made the class representative in college. She gladly accepted the responsibility. There was a habit of doing something in nature. Its traces are still there.

We also joined NCC, i.e., “National Cadet Corps,” during college. At that time, we used to have a group of friends known as SGAFSUM. It was always the center of attention of the teachers.

As a civil engineer, Jassim Akhtar holds a high position in a company in Saudi Arabia even before marriage. That’s why I came to Saudi Arabia immediately after my wedding. I was not even able to fully realize my status that Allah made my life more beautiful; my eldest son Muneeb was born. My second son Sahib, Masha Allah, entered our life only after one year. How the whole day would have passed because of the two children, I couldn’t imagine. It felt like I was raising twins. After the two sons, Allah blessed us with another son we named Muhib. My husband also helped me a lot in increasing the three sons. From the beginning, the concept of children as successful personalities emerged. Thanks are to Allah that our wish has been fulfilled. Children also made our dreams come true. My children, mashallah, are brilliant and creative. After the children’s birth, the center of life remained only home and children. My husband also felt this strongly, so when I took my eldest son to a private school to enroll him in nursery school, the school principal offered me a job, which I immediately accepted. From here, a new era of life began.

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