Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Marriage: What you need to know

Unmarried students often mention that when they see the lives of married friends or relatives, they become so negative about marriage that they think marriage might be problematic. It’s a pile, so stay away from it. So, here are some things to guide such unmarried students, whose study will not eliminate their negativity about married life but will reduce;-

First of all, it is not only difficult but impossible for an unmarried person to understand the problems of a married person. It is permissible for Aristotle to give advice to married people in any way other than reciting a verse from the Holy Qur’an or a hadith; there is no harm in doing so. The basic point is that “Les al-Khobar Kal al-Ma’ayna” means knowledge obtained from news and knowledge from observation and experience are not the same; there is a difference between the two. We call circumstances and circumstances circumstances, since some things cannot be transmitted by the news but only by personal experience. So the status and conditions of the married cannot be transferred to the unmarried. So don’t be so pre-marital that you start counseling married couples and giving them advice on how to live with your partner.

The second thing is that many aspects can play an important role in solving the problems of married life; one of them is the study of the personality of man and woman. Since both genders are different, husband and wife usually do not realize that both men and women have different temperaments and ways of thinking. They approach the same thing differently; One thing is important and useless to another. So a man needs to know the psychology of women, i.e., to keep an eye on different aspects of their personality. And a woman needs to be aware of the world of men, that is, to be aware of their psychology. So until both are aware of each other’s personality, problems will remain. Both should understand well that men and women have their worlds. Both of them start seeing each other’s world after their married life, but sometimes it takes them two years and sometimes eight to ten years to understand it. And this understanding cannot be completed quickly because the relationship between the two is one of competition and competition.

For example, a man can’t understand a woman’s mood swings during menstruation because he has never experienced them. A woman can only tell but not make him realize his pain and condition. However, a religious man can have some idea because when he reads in the Holy Qur’an that menstruation is a painful stage for women, he surely understands if Allah Almighty mentioned this pain in his book. So I have to consider it an important matter. Similarly, it is difficult for the wife to understand what happens in the sexual frustration of a man. However, a religious woman can have some idea because when she studies the hadith, she finds that in the hadith, if a wife refuses to come to her husband’s bed, the angels will curse her all night. This makes her realize that the issue is sensitive, and she has to consider the husband’s issue because her religion has taken it seriously.

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