Thursday, September 21, 2023

Motorway abuse case: What confession did accused Shafqat make to the police?

LAHORE: Details of Shafqat arrested in a rape case have come to light. Shafqat is a resident of Haroonabad Tehsil, Bahawalnagar District and is 23 years old.

Accused Shafqat has admitted that the main accused Abid is my accomplice in the crime. According to accused Shafqat, he was with accused Abid on the night of the incident.

Accused Shafqat, while confessing to the crime, said that he was involved in the incident with the accused Abid and he was also with Abid on the night of the incident on the motorway.

Accused Shafqat said that we first broke the windows of the car and then robbed and raped the woman.

According to sources, 23-year-old Shafqat was arrested in a raid in Depalpur last night. Shafqat was identified by Waqarul Hassan, who is in police custody. Waqarul Hassan told the police that a man named Shafqat, a resident of Haroonabad Tehsil of Bahawalnagar, was carrying out robberies with accused Abid.

A CIA team reached Lahore from Shafqat Kodipalpur. Police said that Shafqat has a previous record and was arrested from Depalpur. Shafqat Ali and his family have been involved in crimes before.

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