Nederland team celebrations for Pakistan

When the Pakistan team reached the semi-finals, the Netherlands celebrated our team’s victory. In this regard, a video of the Netherlands team is going viral on social media. All the players are congratulating Pakistan for reaching the semi-finals by hitting the bat in the floor.

The Pakistani team did not start well in this tournament. They lost their first two matches, the first match to India and the second match to a weak team like Zimbabwe. After that, it was considered that it was no longer possible for the Pakistani team to return to the World Cup.

But in a quarter-final match, the Netherlands surprisingly defeated the South African team, which was much stronger than itself, and surprised and disturbed the cricket fans of the whole world.

This victory of the Netherlands paved the way for Pakistan to go to the semi-finals. And then the Netherlands went to their dressing room to celebrate Pakistan going to the semi-final and sent a message of love to Pakistan.

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