Pakistan’s most influential women

The influential and courageous women of Pakistan are shining the name of Pakistan at the international level, and their active role in the development and welfare of Pakistani society cannot be denied.

Bilquis Edhi

This woman, who has received a medal of distinction from the government of Pakistan, has been engaged in improving the lives of millions of Pakistanis along with her husband, Abdul Sattar Edhi, for decades. Balqis Edhi has spent his entire life in the service of Pakistan’s most backward, miserable and helpless people.

Nafis Sadik

In 1987, Dr. Sadiq was appointed as the Under Secretary General of the United Nations. She was the first woman in the world, who held such a high position in the United Nations. He has done immense work for the health of mothers and children and especially for family planning. He has always emphasized the involvement of women as well as men to solve women’s problems.

Influential women of Pakistan in Urdu :-

Samina Baig

This young woman is the first woman from Pakistan to climb K-Too, considered the world’s most challenging mountain. Apart from this, Samina has also climbed the seven highest peaks worldwide. He has set a high example of determination and courage in Pakistan and around the globe.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Sherman Obaid is a filmmaker. She has made several films on social issues. Through his documentaries, he has won Oscar awards for two documentaries on topics such as throwing acid on women in Pakistan and killing women in the name of honor. Thanks to his efforts, these problems are being acknowledged in Pakistani society today, and the process of discussion and legislation to solve them has started in the country.

Malala Yousuf Zai

Malala Yousafzai, the pioneer of education, became a direct victim of the Taliban’s cruelty and brutality due to her courage and bravery. After narrowly escaping a terrorist attack, Malala is passionate about the education of girls around the world. Malala Foundation is working for the education of girls in different countries of the world, including Pakistan.

Muniba Mazari

This young woman, who uses a wheelchair, is also a painter, speaker and singer. She also works on social projects related to the rights of children and persons with disabilities. Despite losing his legs, he has made success his destiny.

Jehan Ara

Jahan Ara is working as the President of the Pakistan Software Houses Association for Information Technology (PASHA). It has been essential in giving international access to Pakistan’s software industry. This woman with 29 years of experience is an entrepreneur, organizer and social worker. They are also working to empower communities through information sharing and technology.

Fereeha Idrees

In Pakistan, Fariha Aziz, the director of the Bolo Bhi organization, is one of the few women who have spoken openly about digital rights. She recently led a campaign against the Cybercrime Bill and prevented the government from passing the Bill with its current provisions.

There will be only a few sectors in Pakistan where women are not visible. They play prominent roles in all the country’s major sectors, including the army, health, education, showbiz, and politics.

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