Thursday, September 28, 2023

People criticize Marvi Sarmad over objectionable tweet about Jesus

Leading journalist and social activist Marvi Sarmad has been criticized on social media for her objectionable tweet about Jesus. Social media users took Marvi Sarmad by surprise.

Marvi Sarmad made an objectionable tweet about Jesus in which she tried to make fun of the institutions by using the name of Jesus which was called a joke by the supporters of Marvi Sarmad but Marvi Sarmad was criticized by social media users. They said that the prophets should not be mocked like this. You can hurt the followers of any religion. All prophets deserve equal respect.

This statement of Marvi Sarmad started a trend on social media which became a top trend in which it was demanded that Marvi Sarmad be arrested immediately.

This is not the first time that Marvi Sarmad has said such an objectionable thing.

People reaction on Marvi Sirmed over objectionable tweet about Jesus:-

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