Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Please take care of your servants; helper abuse video goes viral

A video has surfaced on social media in which some people in a car treated a private servant in a way that would embarrass humanity.

The video maker explained the whole incident and said that they are currently at the famous food chain McDonald’s on the Kashmir Highway; in front of the video maker’s car is a white Corolla car with parking lights on, and a 14- to a 15-year-old boy is seen standing next to the car.

According to the video maker, the child got out of the white car at a McDonald’s drive-through, and the person inside the car ordered food for themselves on the drive-through, and the car drove towards the reserved parking lot. The poor servant came to the parking lot on foot and stood outside the car.

The person who made the video said, “I also had some food from a McDonald’s drive-thru. I’m eating it here. When I saw the child standing by the car for a long time, I tried to attract and talk by a honk. The boy refused and said that he was with the people in the car, and they were eating their food in the car.

The child sat on the roadside, probably tired after standing with the car for a long time. If it is necessary to bring it, you will not become poor even if you take a little food for him. Humanity also has some value. Do some value to the people around you.

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