Saturday, September 23, 2023

#RajaDahirIsourNationalHero Trend gone viral over twitter by Sindhis

#RajaDahirIsourNationalHero Trend gone viral over twitter by Sindhis

“Raja Dahar’s grandson has been found worshiping idols in the form of Bilawal Bhutto. After PPP supporters paid tribute to Raja Dahar and shared Bilawal Zardari’s video.”

Tuesday, May 6, Raja Dahir is our National Hero (#RajaDahirIsourNationalHero) was trending at the top in Pakistan’s Twitter. Almost 50,000 PPP members shared tweets with the hashtag of ‘#RajaDahirIsourNationalHero’ on twitter and facebook as well.

Many Sindhis and PPP members were claiming that Raja Dahar (the ancient Hindu ruler of Sindh who was defeated by Muhammad bin Qasim) was the son and hero of Sindh and his statue should be mounted in Karachi.

After hundreds of Twitter users followed Raja Rahar’s Twitter trend, a discussion started on Twitter and they shared tweets with this hashtag. Check out some tweets below.

In response, people started tweeting about Muhammad bin Qasim’s great deeds.

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