Ramiz Raja’s big statement on the qualification of the Pakistani team in the semi-finals

Pakistan cricket team has reached a stage in the T20 World Cup that they are just two more steps away from winning the World Cup. If the national team bravely crosses these two steps, they will win the World Cup trophy.

On Sunday, November 6, the Netherlands team miraculously defeated South Africa and caused the biggest upset of the T20 World Cup, due to which the Pakistan team reached the semi-finals. On this occasion, the Chairman of the Cricket Board, Ramiz Raja, has also made a surprising statement. In one of his Twitter messages, he shared a verse from the Quran, going viral on social media.

Social media users like it a lot and even praise him for such a great tweet. The fans who were earlier criticizing him for losing the first two matches of the World Cup are now not tired of praising him. Ramiz Raja, as the chairman, is in constant touch with the Pakistan team and constantly boosts their morale

On another occasion, while talking to the media, Ramiz bhai said that the national cricket team has now started a series of World Cup victories and that this team’s ability can turn the tide of the match at any moment. Such a cricket team. How can one analyze it because one day it destroys itself, and the next it beats the other team.

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