Sunday, October 1, 2023

RPO Afzal Ahmad did chitrol of SHO Jalilabad

RPO Afzal Ahmad did chitrol of SHO Jalilabad

Amid rising child abductions, rapes and murders, the people of Pakistan are now frustrated and demanding immediate legal action and punishment of the perpetrators.


Earlier this week, Faisalabad CPO Sohail Ahmed killed two people in Faisalabad on charges of raping and killing a 5-year-old child. Police said it was a confrontation between the suspects’ accomplices and police. However, people have liked this encounter on social media

Recently, a video viral on social media in which RPO Sargodha (then CPO Faisalabad) Afzal Ahmed Kausar and SHO Jalilabad police station had a conversation. SSP Afzal Ahmad Kausar expressed anger at the SHO for not arresting the man who tried to abduct the four-year-old boy.

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