Saudi Arabia, After a long time, the camel became overwhelmed after seeing its owner

A video full of nostalgia and emotions has gone viral on the internet. The emotional reaction of the camel in this video surprised people. The owner of the camel fell ill and, therefore, could not visit the camel for a long time. After an extended period, he returned to the camel, and the camel saw its owner and reacted as if the old friends had met again.

When the camel saw its owner, it expressed its full emotions and gave such a reaction that it looked like the camel wanted to hug and kiss its owner.

According to media reports, the event, called the ship of the desert, proved that loyalty is not only for humans, but animals also have feelings of loyalty and love.

In the video, a senior citizen is seen in his private car, taking the senior citizens along with their vehicles. Meanwhile, the camel approaches them and greets them. It looks like he is trying to hug and kiss his master.

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