Shahid Afridi’s Photo got criticized after Make-up by a female

Shahid Khan Afridi who was known in the world of cricket as Boom Boom Afridi. Shahid Afridi was famous in cricket for his aggressive batting. The Pakistani people in particular wanted a six from Afridi on every ball. Shahid Afridi was a very good batsman as well as a great bowler. Afridi said that he is a better bowler than a batsman.

A few days ago, a picture of Shahid Afridi doing make-up with a woman is going viral. He is reportedly in Dubai to shoot advertisements for a brand. Shahid Afridi is facing a lot of criticism due to this picture that went viral on the internet because although in his playing days, when Afridi was in the Pakistan cricket team, he was presented with an award for his performance in a match. He refused to shake the woman’s hand.

We can see in this picture of 2016 in which Afridi refused to shake hands with a womenŰ”

Pakistanis on social media are sharply criticizing Shahid Afridi.

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